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The Fourth Expedition (2015)



Taking a break at Tekapo Airport

One day early in the New Year (2015) a hunter told us of wreckage he had seen up in the North Branch of the Temple Valley. Over Christmas hed been up on the ridge to the west of Ram Hill scanning the area for Chamois and Tahr with binoculars. In a distant crevice high up in the permanent snow he saw what appeared to be aircraft wreckage.


With time running out he wasnt able to investigate further, so we made plans to check it out for ourselves.



An aerial view of Base Camp 

The 10th February 2015 dawned bright and sunny, so, with everything loaded up, soon after 10 am our convoy was on its way south to the Central Lakes.


After we'd settled into camp we made an expedition up into the Temple Valley. We not only scoured the area on foot, we flew our Drone over the area too. It was a really dangerous area to climb into, but we did it without losing any gear (or limbs!)

Image  Image
Simon & Bobbie prepare to hike into the North
Temple Valley seen in the right hand picture

Image  Image
A view from the top of the North Temple Valley looking back out to the entrance to it

After covering the suspected area thoroughly we found nothing suspicious at all.


So, it was back to the drawing board, and our original search plan.


We flew the Drone around much of the bush areas and peered down through the canopy, but it was completely unsuccessful for grid searching as its really difficult to peer through the bush canopy!







After more searching we finally stumbled upon an old leather boot on the edge of a river flat. It was a ladies fashion boot. Such a strange find in so remote a location! It had buckles and a frontal zip. What made it so obviously out of place was that it had a high heel! A boot like that would be completely useless in the rocky terrain where we found it.





The Second Expedition was February and March 2010

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Bobbie having a shot

Bobbie having a "shot" with the .22 rifle one evening


Paying bills over the cellphone near Lake Ohau

Paying bills by the roadside near Lake Ohau


The river when in flood

The river in flood. Notice how the Dam is under water


Adam and some baby Hedgehogs founds whilst rabbit shooting

Adam with some baby Hedgehogs found whilst rabbit shooting





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