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Yes, you can help us!!!

We would love to hear from anyone with 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm movie film of old aircraft in NZ, particularly RNZAF planes.

If you have old photos of ZK-AFB, Captain Chadwick or any of the passengers on the last flight, please let us know.

Perhaps you or someone you know was a passenger on one of Captain Chadwicks flights? If you have any photos or slides taken on one of these trips, they will be a help in solving the mystery.

As time has gone on we have poured all our money into this search. Our ultimate goal is to locate the site at any cost. However given the length of time taken on the search so far, and the time and money we anticipate we have yet to pour into it we personally dont stand to gain anything other than a DVD recording our search; in fact we shall lose heavily.

We shall never recoup the money we have poured into this search, but it is a dream our whole family longs to achieve. We all want to find Dragonfly ZK-AFB and the poor people who perished aboard her and return them to their loved ones. We are totally prepared for the lost as we are only searching for this one reason.

It is something that must be done, and as we have the time available, we are prepared to tackle it for as long as we have the strength to push through the rugged mountain lands of the South Island of New Zealand.

As you will notice on our last expedition we towed a caravan in as far as it is possible to go. We are now planning to go further in, away from vehicle access, but this requires a Helicopter to transport all our equipment to the new search location, as there is only a rough walking track to get there. Maybe we can lift the caravan in? It has been an idea we have played with. We need to camp further in to be able to stay close to the search area… so that we can spend even more time searching rather than endure the long walk of up to 6 hours in each morning and 6 hours out each night. We cannot use tents owing to both the high rainfall in the area and the fact that batteries need charging and we can't carry enough wholesome food. Naturally this costs money, and although we hadn't counted on having to go so far back in, we aim to persevere no matter what the cost!

With the information gleaned from our research and past expeditions we are fully confident that we are very close to our objective. It's only a matter or time.

If you would like to be a part of this great adventure you may donate to this cause.

Pay via PayPal

Our Paypal Email is: sales (at) whitebusfamily (dot) co (dot) nz
(Please add a note to your payment stating that your donation is for OPERATION DRAGONFLY)

Pay via Internet Banking:

              Account Name: Operation Dragonfly

              Account Number: 02 0852 0030314 083

              Bank: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

              Reference: Your Name

Pay via Cheque:

              Please email us for our postal address details


No matter whether your donation is a small amount or a big amount you will be doing the families of those missing a wonderful deed. They need closure and we long to be able to heal those broken hearts. Even $1 is something towards achieving our goal.

If you have anything at all, monetary or physical, that may help to make this search a success, please feel free to contact us direct via the contact page.

Sincere thanks from our whole family. 






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