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The Omoto Sisters
The Omoto Sisters - Bound for Springfield and Restoration!

    OK, we have some locomotives out of a West Coast river. Where to from here? Well, Uc 369 and Uc 370 are to be restored, with the first one, probably Uc 369, steaming within the next 3 to 5 years if all goes according to plan. Uc 369 is most likely to be the one restored first as its boiler still is intact. Uc 370's "super heater tubes" were removed before dumping. In doing this they had cut the front and rear tube plates. A huge workshop is being presently being built by the Midland Rail Heritage Trust on the site of the old engine shed at Springfield, Canterbury. Once this is complete the "Three Omoto Sisters" will be moved inside for the restoration to continue.La 312 is to be made into a static display, at the MRHT site, in such a way that any work which is done on her will done so that when she finally steams (yes, we hope so one day) the work done won't have been wasted. In the meantime, we are planning to have a feasiblity study done... More on this little loco later. 








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