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    Midday, Saturday, 19th March 2005 saw the successful completion of a dream as 3 rare old Steam Locomotives were taken away on trucks bound for Springfield, Canterbury where they will eventually be restored. It all began with our video, Beyond All Reason, which we produced back in 2000 to create interest in the Omoto locomotive dumpsite. Afterwards the "Midland Rail Heritage Trust" became keen to salvage a couple of the locomotives with the intention of restoration. Things now began to move, particularly as Allan Campbell was in charge of the salvage operations. The exercise was a joint effort between two companies', WHITE BUS FAMILY PRODUCTIONS and MIDLAND RAIL HERITAGE TRUST. We, WHITE BUS FAMILY PRODUCTIONS came in from the historical angle whilst the MIDLAND RAIL HERITAGE TRUST concentrated on the recovery work. As with any joint effort worth its salt, everyone involved frequently crossed paths to help their fellow work mates. That was something that made this exercise so special.

    Thanks to all concerned for standing with the team and making an impossible task a success. Also, thanks folks for staying behind that horrible red tape. We hated it as much as you, but as you know it had to be there. There was one time when we were going to shift the tape so onlookers could get a better view but as the order went out to cut the tape, a cable on one of the cranes shifted. The order, sadly, was promptly recalled. But it was our pleasure to remove the red line at the end of each day so people could freely walk around the locomotives and other parts. There were many remarks about the fishy smell of the engines. No wonder either when you consider the time spent under the water.

    To sum up the whole salvage exercise, everyone really enjoyed themselves, some rare locomotives were bought back into living history and really, it was a job well done.

Uc369 Mammoth
Uc369 just after lifting from the river 








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